Timaru Penguins

So you want to watch Timarus Little Blue Penguins. KORORA. Please give them space 🙂 The Penguins live around the Timaru Port and rock areas. At 40cm they are the smallest penguins in the world. Marine Parade is 1st left at the bottom of the Loop road and is lit by the Port security lights, travel along the road past… Read more →

Timaru Penguin Group

Proud to be associated with the Timaru Penguins. After a couple of years of  work behind the scenes, a meeting was coordinated of persons and groups presently involved with the Penguins welfare. The Timaru Penguin Group was officially founded by a meeting on the 15th April 2014. Representation from Department of Conservation, NZ Forest & Bird (S.C. Branch), Primeport Timaru,… Read more →