Penguin Watchers Team

We would love you to join us – no cost – no meetings – just your free time now and again.

Recently, during the 3rd term school holidays, we have experienced large numbers of families and visitors to the Marine Parade to watch the penguins come ashore after dark and make their way to their homes in the rocks up the beach.

Now, there’s always one or two who want to get closer to the penguins and this infringement on their space is not the intent of our “free of charge” penguin watch area.

If you feel you can give us some of your free time after dark for around an hour, that would be great.

Just email –

Include your email address and nominate what nights in particular suit you.

Outside of school holidays Friday and Saturday nights into the summer and chick season will be the busiest and generally more then one person on site.

Monday to Thursday are still important just to track small numbers and penguin activity.

Over Christmas break, we expect large numbers again and it will be later again as the penguins generally arrive ashore after dark. (When there’s no daylight left on the mountains to the west)

And if you can’t make it over the Christmas season, that’s fine.

Any help you can provide is appreciated and will assist the penguins at their habitat on the bay.


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