During the winter it would be rare to find Little Penguins at the Marine Parade.

From around mid August the Little Penguins will find their mate and go find a nest.

Normally it is the same mate and generally a nest in the same area as the year before.

I suggest if you do pop down to have a look, the number/s will be limited “if any”

You are more probable to start seeing Little Penguins around Mid Sept onwards.

Our Penguins are known as the Southern Blue and can breed twice in the season.

Therefore it can be quite common to have chicks from October to January.

Eggs formed in the female take around 18 days before releasing into the nest.

Then there is a further 35 – 38 days where both male & female take turns sitting on the eggs.

It can be up to 4 days at a time while the other half goes back to sea to feed and get fat.

Then once the chicks are hatched they generally both go out daily to feed and come in after dark.

Please, if you go down too early it will feel like ages before you may see them.

After dark is when the sun has completely gone and it is dark on the western hill-line.

Remember, they need to get onto the shore and make their way up the rock line to their nest,

Please give them space and you will enjoy the pleasure of watching these Little Penguins for FREE.

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